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Clay Shirky to Speak at the Adobe Learning Summit Nov 9 ’09

Don’t miss the chance to attend the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose this November 9th, 2009. As a long time elearning professional I’m particularly excited about our guest keynote speaker, Clay Shirky.
I recently had the honor to discuss with Mr. Shirky some of the collaborative technology topics that I believe are of interest to us as learning and collaboration professionals. In preparation for his address, we discussed impressions and questions I’ve heard from elearning professionals and have experienced myself. For example, we have all been talking up ‘web 2.0’, blogs, wikis, RSS feeds and the like for years now, and have even started to see some great examples of how these have accelerated knowledge transfer within and across groups. But how does that really apply to us as learning professionals? Should we embrace these technologies just because we hear they are the latest and greatest? How can we determine whether they might work for our purposes, and if so, where should we get started? And finally, if we do provide the tools for a more social and collaborative learning environment, how do we know the users will embrace them? Is there a way to seed the community, or drive motivation to help our communities evolve and provide valuable knowledge transfer – or more – for our organizations?
With those questions in mind, and with an extensive knowledge of and passion for learning and technology, I am certain Mr Shirky’s talk will be memorable for those of us lucky enough to be there to hear him speak. Join us for this exciting keynote speech to kick off a value-packed day, created just for learning professionals at the Adobe Learning Summit.
Clay Shirky’s Biography:
Clay Shirky is a writer, educator, and consultant on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. In his new book, “Here Comes Everybody”, Clay explores how organizations and industries are being upended by open networks, collaboration, and user appropriation of content production and dissemination. In this highly engaging keynote presentation, Mr. Shirky will explore these trends in light of how they impact our efforts as learning professionals.
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