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Extending Connect Pro Meetings

April 20, 2009 /Adobe Connect /

Has there ever been a situation where you’ve said to yourself “I just wish I could do [insert feature here] in Connect Pro? The answer is likely yes and if you have some Flash development skills, you just might be able to add the feature to Connect Pro yourself.

You may or may not know about the CollaborationBuilder SDK which is a development library that allows you to build Custom Applications for use in Connect Pro Meetings. Connect Pro is the only Web Conferencing product on the market that I know of that allows for this type of customization and extensibility.
If you want to get your feet wet with with SDK, here are few good resources to get your started:
Adobe Acrobat Connect Collaboration Builder SDK (Overview article and SDK download)
Building Applications with the Adobe Acrobat Connect Collaboration Builder SDK – Part 1: Interactive Meetings

Building a project with Adobe Acrobat Connect Collaboration Builder SDK

But the neat thing is, is that even if you don’t have Flash development skills, developers from Adobe and beyond have been posting CollaborationBuilder SDK applications to the Connect Pro Exchange when you can download and immediately start using these applications.
We’ve just posted a slew of new CollaborationBuilder SDK applications in the last few weeks including a countdown timer, meeting titler, and an MP3 player for use in a lobby, and much more. Download these apps today and let us know what you think.
Also if you don’t see an app that is currently there that you’d like to see built, let us know or get in touch with one of our partners who develop such applications.

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