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March Topic of the Month: Audio and Connect Pro

March 9, 2009 / /

At the core of any meeting is the audio. Whether you use Connect Pro Voice-over-IP (VoIP), Integrated Teleconferencing from partners like Premiere Global Services, Meeting One, or Avaya, or you use non-integrated phone audio, you’ll learn something new this month that you never knew before. From getting started tutorials to best practices for advanced users, we’ve covered all the bases in hopes of making you a Connect Pro audio expert. Here are some of the highlights of this month’s tutorials:

* Dave Slater and Ryan Monger have teamed up to author a comprehensive look at all of your audio options available to you in Connect Pro. For the first time, you can get details on each of these options in one place in Connect Pro Audio Options: An Overview
* For those of you just getting started with Connect Pro, Jody Plotkin’s Visual Quick Start: Getting Started with VoIP in Connect Pro and Jason Parker’s Visual Quick Start: Using Premiere Ready Conference with Connect Pro provide all of the information you need to get started with VoIP and Premiere Integrated Teleconferencing respectively. I was particularly excited by the call controls diagram in Jason’s article as I’ve never seen such a clear depiction of all of the features available via the Premiere-Connect Pro integration.
* Amy Brooks from the Connect Pro Event Services team, authored an article on a topic that has long been asked for: Using the THAT-2 Device to Broadcast Phone Audio via VoIP. In this tutorial you can learn how to easily simulcast teleconference audio via VoIP using a third party device.
* Last, but definitely not least, is Vincent Toesca’s masterpiece, Best Practices for Using Connect Pro VoIP. This article targeted at users of all levels, provides all the fundamentals you need to know to use VoIP with confidence.
But that’s not all. All told, we have 12 tutorials all related to meeting audio ready for your consumption. We hope you enjoy this month’s topic. As always if you have questions, ask them in the Forums and if you like a piece of content give it a star rating or leave a comment. That way other users of the site can benefit.
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