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What’s New in SP2

February 2, 2009 /Adobe Connect /

In the next few weeks we will be launching a service pack (Service Pack 2) for Connect Pro 7. This is a maintenance release that includes many key bug fixes across all application modules, including Acrobat Connect Pro Meeting, Training, Events and Server. Note that the system requirements have not changed from Service Pack 1: Flash Player 9 is required to launch Connect Pro Central (the home page of the Connect Pro Server) and meeting participants must have Flash Player 8 to enter meetings.
As is our standard practice, the installer for on-premise implementations will only work for new installations of Connect Pro Server 7 or Connect Pro Server 7 Service Pack 1, or installations already upgraded to Connect Pro Server 7 or Service Pack 1. The hosted service will be automatically upgraded for all hosted customers.
This isn’t an exhaustive list, but some of the key fixes in the release include:
Issues where viewers of recordings would occasionally become stuck at the “Connecting …” screen, or else be unable to seek within the recording, have been addressed as well as the recordings of meetings where the presenter switches layouts from screen to slide sharing with intermittent loss of synchronization, requiring the viewer to page through slides manually. We also addressed some problems seen when seeking through a recording during playback, whereas it was possible to reset visual playback to the beginning of the recording. Lastly, an issue was resolved when selecting “Record audio from speaker phone” in the Record Options window the Talk button in the meeting became disabled. In SP2 the Voice Options menu next to the Talk button is also disabled.
Connect Pro Central
Some issues with burst packs so that notification emails are now sent properly when quotas are reached and with Cost Center reports showing inappropriate items for the account in use have been resolved.
For the Events module we’ve cleaned up an issue regarding the option to require approval after registering for an event is selected; users may now properly register for the event.
False errors that were sometimes generated when starting an audio conference are no longer reported and occasional disconnects from the audio conference service are now properly represented in the meeting. We are also adding support for Premiere Global Service’s dedicated European audio conferencing bridge on our hosted service.
The microphone gain level is no longer reset when the audio wizard is started and when multiple speakers are talking, the speaker icon next to the user name in the attendee list pod no longer disappears after turning voice off and on.
We fixed a problem where occasionally users would be unable to enter meetings (remaining stuck on the “Connecting …” page) and an occasional issue of when some when users attempt to log in to secure meetings over http, they are now properly redirected to https.
On-Premise Server
Three issues specific to on-premise deployments will be addressed, including an issue with LDAP Synchronization where some users fail to become associated with a manager, there were some gaps in the logging of server activities, and several of the system configuration settings have been fine tuned in order to enhance the stability of the server.
Thanks to all our loyal customers out there who provided feedback on how to improve the product. With our continuing focus on quality we are already underway on Service Pack 3. If you like to submit bug suggestions for SP3 and future service packs or feature requests for future development efforts, please do via our product feedback form:
Note..we actually do read and consider every suggestion!

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