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Running Our Employee Meeting Over Connect Pro = Major Cost Savings

February 16, 2009 /Adobe Connect /Events /General /

Once a quarter, we have an employee all hands meeting that usually takes place down the street from Adobe HQ in a large civic auditorium. During these employee meetings, our team uses Connect Pro to broadcast the event to remote participants, and also archive the session.

This is a great way to demo upcoming technology, give our employee base an update on various happenings, and get everyone together. However, costs for this quarterly employee meeting can add up, as we need to rent the space for the auditorium and bring in a production crew to setup and run the meeting. Planning these meetings also takes a great amount of time and planning across multiple teams.
Like every other company out there, Adobe is also committed to reducing expenses during these tough economic times. In order to reduce some expense and save some planning time, our employee communications team decided to run an online version of our quarterly employee meeting, solely over Connect Pro. This version helped to cut almost 100% of the cost, while the capabilities of Connect Pro allowed us to share video, slides, and even host a question and answer session with our executive team, something we don’t normally do at a regular employee all hands.οΎ 
In the end, because we had all of the tools to run this online meeting in house, the only cost for this meeting was our team’s people resources. The substantial cost and time savings from using Connect Pro for this meeting has motivated us to schedule some future employee all hands over Connect Pro. In addition to these benefits, about 70% of employees surveyed said they would like to see future meetings offered exclusively over Connect Pro.

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