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Connect Pro and the US DoD

February 10, 2009 /Adobe Connect /

One of the largest user of Connect Pro is the US department of defense. 2 years ago, Adobe won a major contract with the Defense Information System Agency (DISA) to deploy Connect across the US DoD.
The deployment has been hugely successful and Connect Pro received a great endorsement from LTG Sorenson at the Web 2.0 Summit last november. He shows an Army collaborative program called Stryker Warfighters Forum where Stryker Brigade leadership around the world come together via Connect to talk about lessons learned with Stryker Brigades currently in the middle east (starting at 7:35 in the video).
Many US army units located in Iraq and Afghanistan use Connect to conduct battlefield briefing. Using Connect Pro reduce the number of movements in hostile territory to attend a briefing and is credited to saving many lives.


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