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Web Conferencing = Reduced Travel? It’s Not Just Marketing!

January 13, 2009 /Adobe Connect /

I’m sure you’ve heard those of us in the industry touting how web conferencing will ultimately help your bottom line (and help the environment) by reducing travel. But internally at Adobe, we are constantly auditing ourselves to see if we are truly delivering on this promise.

Our finance team just shared these numbers with us:

While, for obvious reasons, I can’t share the exact numbers for Adobe’s annual travel expenses, but as you can see the travel costs have consistently gone down as Connect Pro meeting usage has increased at the company. In fact, our finance team has told us that we are saving $1,000 per employee on travel since the company adopted Connect Pro for Web Conferencing in 2006 after the merger with Macromedia.
So let’s play the numbers game for a second. A fictitious company of 10,000 employees implements Connect Pro. Within two years, that’s $10 MILLION dollars in annual savings in travel expenses, not to mention all of the benefits to the environment from avoiding all of those gas guzzling trans-continental flights. And in these tough economic times, who wouldn’t want to shave $10 million off of their bottom line.
Doing a calculation like this is relatively simple. In fact, we’ve created a tutorial on on how you can perform the same ROI calculation for your organization here:
I’d be curious to hear what kind of results you all come up with.

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