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The real reason I bought a Playstation 3

January 31, 2009 /General /

As many of you know Connect Pro is a Flash based application, and runs in any browser that supports Flash Player 8 or higher. I thought it would be fun to show you a short video showing Connect Pro running on the Playstation 3, which actually runs a version of Flash Player 9, it works really well, almost everything that is supported via a desktop based browser also works as expected on the Playstation. However the folks at Sony don’t appear to have enabled support for audio / video device capture so you can’t use the Connect Pro VoIP or Camera capabilities, but you can see other people via video and hear them via VoIP.

The quality of the video I captured isn’t the best, if anyone has some advice regarding better ways to capture screen recordings from the Playstation then please let me know.
I asked my son Tom to demonstrate the whiteboard and camera features by Connecting from another computer, as you can see Connect Pro is so straight forward to use even my five year old knows how to use it! 🙂