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DEC Topic of the Month: Video and Connect Pro

December 2, 2008 /Uncategorized /

This month’s Topic of the Month is Video and Connect Pro. What exactly does this mean? Well there are a variety of ways in which video can be created and utilized within Connect Pro. Among the topics we will be exploring are creating video for use in Connect Pro meetings, using video with Adobe Presenter, and working with meeting recordings. We’ve posted a bunch of great new assets about this topic on and will be adding more as the month goes on.
In addition, we have also just posted these resources to the tutorials area of the site (
Using Connect Pro to Provide Rich Helpdesk Support, Part 1
Guillaume Privat shares a few tips and tricks for getting users into a Connect Pro meeting without having to login.

Visual Quick Start: Customizing the Look-and-Feel of Your Connect Pro Account

Kelly Torrance of the Event Services team provides step-by-step instructions for how you can customize your Connect Pro account and extend your brand in less than 30 minutes.
Managing Custom URLs
Is a custom URL that you desperately need already in use by another user? Find out how you can manage your custom URLs in this brief tutorial.
Resource Center Asset List
This document provides a comprehensive list of links for assets posted on the Connect Pro Resource Center. You can use this list to link directly to assets of particular interest to your organization.