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Connect Pro MP3 Player

October 9, 2008 /General /

Alistair from our team recently posted a new Connect Pro meeting room asset: a flash-based MP3 player that will automatically stream music to all participants.
While a host can upload an MP3 file to a Connect Pro meeting room without the need for a player, that music is synchronized. This means that individual participants have no control over that music.
This flash-based music player streams MP3 files to each individual participant. This gives everybody the ability to pause the song, mute the sound or even change the track. The tracks that he’s added are all royalty free – which means you won’t be hearing any of your favorite music. An XML file accompanies the SWF where you can add or change as many music tracks as you’d like. Simply open the XML file in a text editor and add some pointers to MP3 files that you’ve uploaded to a Connect server.
The MP3 Player is available on the Connect Pro Exchange.