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Bringing the ColdFusion based Connect facade to Flex

October 31, 2008 /Adobe Connect /

As you may know last month I built the beginnings of a ColdFusion based facade for making using the Connect XML APIs simpler to use via ColdFusion. Since building the initial facade I haven’t managed to progress the core CFC a great deal, but this month I decided to focus on demonstrating how using the ConnectFacade.cfc to quickly bring Connect based content into their own flex based applications.
Here is a very simple example of using the Flex datagrid control and binding that to the ConnectFacade.cfc as a RemoteObject. This is a step towards the end goal of taking Connect content offline using LiveCycle Data Services
Here is the code sample

And the resulting Flex application


You can download the MXML code <a href="Download file“>here..
Let me know if you have any questions. Next month I’ll migrate to using LiveCycle Data Services to access the Connect content.

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