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Connect Pro a “Leader” Once Again In Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

September 9, 2008 /Awards and Reviews /

Recently the Gartner 2008 Web Conferencing Magic Quadrant report was released and for the second year in a row Adobe is in the “leadership” quadrant…the most prestigious ranking possible.
The key strengths mention in the report include:

• Based on Adobe Flash, the company’s Web-conferencing offering can be deployed easily. It has resizable screen displays for users, authoring capabilities and less intensive bandwidth requirements for video.
• Native integration with Adobe Acrobat enables document-centric real-time collaboration with Web conferencing from within the document.
• Adobe’s product provides compliance features, with logging and tracking of use and communications.

In the overview portion of the report, Gartner noted that “Adobe may be the best so far for desktop video because Adobe Flash is less intensive on bandwidth.” They also briefly mentioned our new basic web conferencing tool, ConnectNow, as one of several examples where enterprise vendors are offering scaled-down versions of their Web-conferencing services.
The Connect Pro team is very proud of this achievement as we pride ourselves on maintaining our reputation as the most visionary and robust web conferencing product on the market. Along with our recent wins at the Software & Information Industry Association’s CODIE Award for Best Collaboration Solution, PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award for web conferencing, and Training Media Review’s recent 4-star assessment, it’s been a very good year!

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