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Training Media Review Best Product 2008

August 21, 2008 /Adobe Connect /

Last week Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro was the proud recipient of Training Media Review’s Best Product of 2008 designation, which came via a Four Star Review authored by Jan Cornelssen, Manager of Technical Training at Cisco Systems.
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Cornelssen comments that Connect Pro is, ” The Mercedes Benz of webinar tools” and notes that “[ Acrobat Connect Pro ] is the most robust web training and conferencing tool I’ve ever seen.”
Key excerpts include an overview of the Connect Pro Virtual Classroom interface and a walk through of Connect Pro Training, a system that enables the management of eLearning content and individual learner tracking.
To sum it up, Cornelssen advises, “If your training department needs to define, monitor, and track learning events, this application does it better than anything I have used.”
We couldn’t agree more!

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