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July 31, 2008 /Adobe Connect /

By now those of you following this blog are likely already active users of If not, go now and sign up at This is a great place to connect with other users in your area, or working on the same kinds of web conferencing and online training projects that you are, as well as to find more information and resources to make you a power user of Connect Pro.
You may not know that we are also working to enrich and udpate the information we offer on, at the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Resource Center.
Quick Start Guide: don’t be fooled by the inconspicuous link to the Quick Start Guide. This is a little page with 11 demonstrations on some of the more common things you might want to do in your meeting, like encourage student participation in a virtual class, use breakout rooms for the first time, or customize your meeting room.
The other resources are divided by role – such as Administrator, Meeting Host, or Training Manager – and are updated on a monthly basis at minimum. Detailed presentations and demonstrations will really enhance your knowledge of managing and using all aspects of Connect Pro as well as Adobe Presenter.
Set aside some time once a month to take a look at what’s new on the resource center. If you would really like to see something added, let us know here or on

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