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Connect Pro Events for Capturing Leads

June 30, 2008 /Adobe Connect /

The Connect Pro Event Management application is often overlooked in the Connect family of applications. However it offers some wonderful features that allow it to do things that would be difficult to do otherwise. Event Management is really a way of inviting people or allowing open registration to something (like a webinar), capturing registration data (including answers to your own custom questions), then automatically sending out all the necessary emails such as reminders, updates, and “thank-you”s.
But the event itself doesn’t have to be an online meeting. For example, you may have used an online Connect Pro meeting as a webinar to launch your new product. You could certainly use Event Management to capture all the leads to that live event. But after the webinar you’d like to use the recording of the meeting to capture leads too – Connect Pro Event Management can help. This little tutorial shows you how you can set-up an event to capture leads from on-demand content such as a meeting recording.

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