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Connect Pro 7 is here!

May 6, 2008 /Adobe Connect /General /

We’ve been using Connect Pro 7 internally at Adobe for a while, and I’ve been able to take advantage of some of the great new features…..

*The ability to edit recordings and make them available offline has opened up a wide range of possibilities. We record many important meetings and events through Connect Pro, and now we will be able to make these available to watch offline through Adobe Media Player. For example, I now can create an RSS feed for those who want to watch all of our archived Employee Meetings through Adobe Media Player, while disconnected from the network. The ability to edit recordings will also help as I can trim unwanted parts from my recording before I make it offline.
*During these large, important employee only meetings, I can also use the new “block guest access” feature to ensure that attendees must use their Acrobat Connect Pro login to attend Adobe confidential meetings.
*Before Connect Pro 7, we had a large group of Administrators that helped us support the account. This was a little scary because while these administrators needed certain administrative permissions, they didn’t need to have every permission, including changing some core account settings. Now, with the new limited administrators group, I can enable my support teams to have certain administrative permissions such as the ability to modify user accounts, but I can block other permissions such as changing the entire account’s branding. I’ve reduced my administrator group from over 20 people to just 6.
*Speaking of support, our service desk loves the new participant screen share push option from the attendee list. They frequently use Connect Pro to troubleshoot support issues with remote users, and the ability to request screenshare from a participant just by hovering over their name in the attendee list makes their support calls even quicker. pushscreen.gifpushscreen2.gif
*Our support teams can also find content, meetings and folders much quicker using the new search tool.
*During our eSeminars, we have taken advantage of the enhanced participant interaction features, getting real time feedback from our attendees.
*We also love being able to control the Voice feature without having to hide a camera pod on the screen.
Now that Connect Pro 7 has been implemented throughout Adobe, we need to train our employees on the new features, while continuing to train new employees. To do this, we’ll set up a curriculum through the training module complete with Captivate tutorials, presenter quizzes, and virtual classrooms using breakout sessions. I’ll make this easily accessible with the new training catalog feature for a total training solution.

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