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March 9, 2007 /Adobe Connect /

A couple of months ago we saw this posting about logging into an Adobe Connect meeting from a Nintendo Wii
And here’s a picture I took last year when I was logged into a meeting using my Pocket PC.
For fun, we’re setting out to see how many devices support the Adobe Connect meeting experience. Since we only need Flash Player to attend a meeting – it’s easy to see why “it just works”. There’s no need for Java or custom applications to be installed. And there aren’t any permissions problems because the Flash Player is pre-installed on so many operating systems that it is already there when you need it.
Last week I was talking to a friend of mine at Sony and asked him to log into my meeting – from his Sony PlayStation 3 – and it worked! Here’s a link to the photo he took while we were whiteboarding on an image. My video camera was live at the time.
Now does anyone have an Xbox to try? 😉

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