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XML API calls are case sensitive for custom applications

Problem Statement: Any custom application, using XML API’s for sending out requests may return an error due to case sensitive characters.


  • Adobe Connect hosted
  • Adobe Connect on-premise
  • Connect version 9.8

This issue happens due to follow:
(WARN) InvalidDomain error while accessing host=eCON**** admin-host=na* host-name=pacna*app** account-domain=econ****
Note: The request sent out to a URL which includes upper case in the domain name.

Reason for this behavior:
There was recently additional security protection applied on the server on verifying if the URL used matches with the account’s domain.

As long as API’s are running on 9.8, URL should always have lowercase letters in the domain name.

Additional Information:

  • Using web browsers we cannot verify this behavior, since by default domain changes to lowercase letters, before making the API call.
  • There is Bug# CONN-4107331 logged and the fix is 9.8.1_sustaining.
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