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April 8, 2019 /XML API /

Using XML API to obtain Training reports of Participants

Objective :

Sometimes customers may have a situation where it is required to obtain Users Training data in consolidated manner which may or may not be directly available via the GUI.

This data can be obtained by running this API call depending upon the requirements :-

1) API report-training-enrollees

Login to the application using an admin login

Run the following API,


sco-id= sco-id of the training/course for which you want to obatin the reporting


Sample Request from my local account testing :

Sample Response of how the result will look like :-

Response values :-

  • score – score obtained by the user
  • status – user status of the course
  • principal-id – principal-id of the user
  • transcript-id – transcript-id of the user for the particular course
  • login – login-id of the user
  • date-created – date when user attempted the course
  • principal-name – name of the user


The API filters can be used as described here :


Additional Information :

Here’s an excellent article on some quick tips on how to extract the information from the XML into an excel :




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