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Score of the course for a user in-progress will be become zero if content associated with that course is updated or replaced

If you have a Course, where users are in-progress and publisher update or replaces the content. The score for the user will become zero when user will re-launch the course. Users who have completed the course already will not be affected.

Steps for reproducing the behavior.

  1. Upload a content to content library. For instance a captivate content.
  2. Create a course using that content and enroll a user.
  3. Attend the course by logging as the enrolled user.
  4. Open the course and attend half of the slides.
  5. Check your score with admin login by going to Training > Course > Reports > By User
  6. Make some changes in the captivate project and re-upload to content library with same URL.
  7. Login with user credentials and re-launch the course. Without making any changes close the course.
  8. Check your score again and it will become Zero.







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