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September 28, 2013 /General /

Reports on Adobe Connect fail to Download

Sometimes, when downloading reports from the Adobe Connect web site, the report will fail to load, or an error message such as “java.util.NoSuchElementException”, “Request not processed” or “Web page not found” will be displayed.

Although this problem occurs more frequently for hosted customers, it can also affect on premise installations.

The reason for the error is that the server is configured to limit the number of rows returned from a single database query. For hosted customers, the limit of rows returned is 20,000. Many times a report that does not have a filter set will return more than 20,000 rows.

The first thing that can be done to resolve the problem is to set a filter that limits the number of rows returned.

For example, after logging in to the web site, navigate to Administrator > Reports > View Downloadable Reports. Then in that page, click on Report Filters. Then set a time limit, like the last month or so, and Save the filter. Then run the report again, and that should succeed because the shorter time frame will generate fewer rows from the database.

A second possible solution, but one that is only appicable for On Premise customers, is to increase the row limit allowed by queries. This should only be attempted if the first method is not viable due to a business need to have larger result sets. You can edit the custom.ini file and add, or update the DB_MAX_ROWS setting. By default, the value is 20,000, so you would want to increase the limit to a higher value. As an example, the following line will allow a maximum of 100,000 rows to be returned:


The value can be safely increased as needed. Increasing the value does not allocate additional resources, it merely allows a larger number of rows to be returned from the database.


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