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PDF sharing does not work with the classic view

Problem Statement: PDF’s do not always display in Classic View in the newest CEF App.

PDF Sharing is Blank using the classic view

Connect On-Premise/ Managed services using the last version of Adobe Connect Application for Windows (shell11)

Reproducible Steps:-
If we disable the INTERNAL_ANALYTICS_TRACKING in the custom.ini file then launch a Meeting in Classic View, the pdf file will not be loaded.
Reason:  room parameter is missing from the launch parameter.

It is an issue with the Detector Application for Adobe Connect whereby it ignores/delete the first parameter. Here in this case, the room is the first parameter.

Workaround:- Enable the internal_analytics_tracker because if IA is enabled, then internal analytics will be the first parameter.

Steps to enable the IA:-
1) write the following entry INTERNAL_ANALYTICS_TRACKING_ENABLED=true in custom.ini.(All CPS Nodes)
2) reload the config by using the following API
OR restart the Connect Service (recommended)

Adobe Connect PDF sharing works with the Standard View.
It also works with the previous Adobe Connect application (pre11.0).

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