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How many Meeting Room Participants May I Delegate to Breakout Rooms?

Issue: Hosts and Presenters must manage Breakout Rooms (BoRs).

Two-hundred participants can be distributed into up to twenty breakout rooms, but BoR use does not add to your meeting concurrency. Check your license: Seminar rooms have more capacity than meeting rooms. Most (named organizer) Meeting rooms allow up to 100 participants by license in a single meeting:

In CPS: Go to the Administration Tab – It will default to the Account Summary where you will see your Meeting capacity per Meeting room:



The account summary above shows that, for this account, a single Meeting will max out at 100 participants. Since the Connect BoR technical capacity is to handle 200/20, most meeting room BoR usage will work no matter how you subdivide. For larger Meetings and Seminars, however, you will need to plan and be sure to stick to the limits prescribed.


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