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Updated May 1, 2019
November 23, 2013 /General /Meeting /UV /

For Success with Unified Voice for On-premise Connect Deployments be kind to SIP Traffic

There are many variables that can either cause latency or impede server to server traffic supporting Unified Voice (UV)

To avoid latency caused by packet inspection of SIP traffic UV, simply be sure to disable SIP packet inspection on an application-aware firewall. The best-practice it to implement a global address tag in the sip.xml file on the Adobe Media Gateway (AMG) server in [root_install_dir]/conf/sip.xml. This will also help with traffic blocked when AMG is deployed behind NAT. Here is the tag in sip.xml under profileID sipGateway


The global address variable can be either the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the Adobe Media Gateway externally.

AMG and SIP works best with Connect when there is an absence of superfluous speed-bumps; click on this diagram thumbnail to view the traffic flow among the servers:

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