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September 11, 2018 /Administration /General /Telephony /

Cannot create ‘MeetingOne NA’ or ‘MeetingOne EMEA’ Audio Profile- seeks ‘Participant Access Code’

Issue Description: Using “MeetingOne NA” or “MeetingOneEMEA” Audio Profile Settings – ‘Participant Access Code’ is seen as a mandatory field to enter
and trying to save it gives-“Invalid Telephony value.”


  • Adobe Connect Hosted 9.8.2

Steps To Replicate:

  1. Go to My Profile Section.
  2. Click on New Profile.
  3. Choose “MeetingOne NA” Adaptor (Prerequisite this Adaptor is enabled on the account).
  4. ‘Participant Access Code’ is seen as a mandatory field.
  5. On trying to save participant code it shows – “Invalid Telephony value.

Reason for this behaviour:
This has been identified as a Bug#CONN-4108766.


  • This is tentatively fixed in 9.8.2(a)

Workaround: Using API (administrative privilege), we are able to save the MeetingOne NA or MeetingOne EMEA Audio profile:

You will need to provide the info in the XXXXXX sections and the profile-name section.

NOTE: provider-id can searched using API telephony-provider-list

Contact the Technical Support team for  any further information or assistance.

Administration, General, Telephony

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