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September 25, 2013 /XML API /

Adobe Connect Web Services Best Practices with URL Encoding

It is always good to review the best practices for URL encoding strings ( before writing your code for any sort of XML API integration with Adobe Connect.  This especially comes in handy when you need to pass in passwords for either a principal or telephony profile, or if you use something as common as the time zone value in a date filter.

One example of a common problem  is the ‘+’ in the service call URL if your time zone for instance, includes a ‘+’ sign (so GMT+01:00 for Paris as an example).  This is a conflicting standards issue with the  URL spec and the ISO8601 time spec.  All customers should make a practice of URL encoding all query strings in their application or if they are just using a web browser to make API calls to Adobe Connect.

The workaround in the case of a time zone on the plus side of GMT would be to URL encode the ‘+’ with ‘%2b’.

So an example would be:


Where I substituted the correct ‘%2b’ in the URL string instead of ‘+’ and also %3A instead of ‘:’ .

This Will return the desired:

<status code=”ok”/>
<row transcript-id=”XXXXXXXX” sco-id=”XXXXXXX” principal-id=”XXXXXXX” answered-survey=”0″>
<attendee-name>User Name</attendee-name>
<sco-name>Sco Name</sco-name>


Note: The error you would get if you did not encode the “+” in the above example would look like this:

<status code=”invalid”>
<invalid field=”date-end” type=”date” subcode=”format“/>

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