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May 4, 2018 /Meeting /

Adobe Connect Add-in upgrades might reflect an older version in Windows Control Panel

Problem Description:

Connect Add-In subsequent upgrades via ‘Lightning method’ might reflect an older version in Windows control panel.

As an example:  Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features – shows Adobe Connect version 9.2.0, whereas currently running version on  server is 9.5

Adobe Connect On-premise
OS : Windows (32/64 bit)

Reason behind this Behavior:
The Add/Remove entry is made when the addin is installed for the first time on a user pachine. Subsequent upgrades via lightning will not change this version number and thus might reflect the older version.

Connect has a minimum required addin version. The actual version of addin can be found by any one of the below methods :-

  1. Select ‘Details‘ tab under Add-in Properties (By Right clicking Add-In, select Properties and choose ‘Details’ tab)
  2. Searching the Meeting Add-in log files.
  3. Launch a meeting room in the Add-In, Go to ‘Help’ -> Click on ‘Shift‘ key+ About Adobe Connect.


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